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Wyniki konkursu na opowiadanie w języku angielskim

Konkurs na najlepsze opowiadanie w języku angielskim, którego pomysłodawcą jest p. K. Jaworska-Dawidziuk, odbył się po raz pierwszy w naszej szkole. Uczennice, które podjęły wyzwanie, zaprezentowały swoje umiejętności na naprawdę wysokim poziomie. Przy ocenie brano pod uwagę pomysł, styl, bogactwo oraz poprawność językową. Jury konkursu wyróżniło prace następujących uczestniczek:
Miejsce pierwsze zajęła Hanna Kwaśniewska (3d) z opowiadaniem pt. "Superhuman", miejsce drugie przypadło w udziale Jagodzie Wierzbickiej (2b) za pracę pt. "Half man, half amazing". Miejsce trzecie zajęła Paula Hołówka (3c). Jej opowiadanie nosiło tytuł  "It was a foggy evening..."
Nie jest łatwo napisać opowiadanie. A już wielką sztuką jest stworzyć je w języku obcym. Oceńcie sami. Oto próbka możliwości Hani Kwaśniewskiej.

Carlos was standing still close to the window and looking for something that does not exist. His white clothes were shining like a million little diamonds and the huge wings hanged on his back.
- You ought to forget about me and about all I’ve done for you – he said quietly. – And I need to forget.
- Okay, just do it – said Bloo. She put her legs on the table and began to drink her cup of hot tea.
- I can’t – he replied. He was looking at Tokyo’s streets and was thinking about something that could be a little bit dangerous. – My mind forgets to remind me you’re a bad idea.
- Why? – she asked. A little girl with black hair put her cup back and was waiting for the answer.
- Because I see sparks fly whenever you smile – he told her and turned away. His big, brown eyes seemed like he would cry.
Bloo stood up. She was scared: her hands were shaking with fear, because she didn’t want to lose someone like him. But the other side of the coin is that he couldn’t stay there forever.
- I’m a devil, Carlos…
- You’re not a devil, just a human – he replied. - But I’m an angel. I’ve got the white wings. And I feel like somebody who’s hanging close to the edge always, when I’m with you.
- If you’re an angel – she began to ponder over something that was deep inside her – you can be in two places at the same time. Why can’t you be in heaven with the others and here, with me?
- ‘Cause my heaven is right here.
Carlos smiled and approached closer to her. They clasped hands and looked into their eyes.
- Are we safe there? – Bloo asked suddenly.
- Paris, London, Tokyo: there’s just one thing that I gotta do. You know that I shouldn’t be in the same room with the one I love – he replied. His olive face became sad. – But I just need someone who’ll help me see things in a different light.
- What does it mean?
- It means that I’ll be thinking about you worldwide. I don’t want to come back home.
- Michael Bublé sang in another way. “Another winter day has come and gone away, in either Paris and Rome, and I wanna go home” – she was smiling while she was quoting. Or properly speaking: singing.
Carlos looked once at his wings. That was time to go. He had no idea what to do, because he would rather just be alone if he had known that he couldn’t have her. He closed his eyes and moved back.
- Carlos? – he heard her voice in the air.
- I can’t be no superman.
- Me too. But for you I’ll be a superhuman.
Bloo covered her sensitive ears. She huddled herself up for decibels – there was definitely too loud. Only Carlos looked self-contended and put hands in his pockets.
- Where are we now? – she asked. Auburn-haired girl was angry and disorientated.
- Just look – he replied and pointed his finger at all around them.
She has just noticed that they’re in the middle of the huge football pitch. That’s not all – terraces were crowded and all the people were screaming that someone has to score a goal. If my imagination works good, she thought… Score a goal, score a goal…
- What the hell are we doing right here?! – Bloo felt down, because a ball passed her head with the big speed.
- Don’t forget that we’re invisible – he said firmly. – They can’t see or hurt us. And they don’t really exist. All what we’re seeing now comes from your human brain.
Bloo spinned around herself. She tried to understand all the things he said, but that was almost impossible. Dozen or so men were running with a ball and have no idea that they were standing amid them. The crowd was screaming, the football players were falling down, her mood was changing faster than anything.
- I think I’m haunted – Bloo said off the point. She knew that a ball had already crossed her invisible body, but she didn’t feel anything. – Let’s play the game.
- Would you like to play football with them? – Carlos was surprised.
- No, just answer my questions – the short girl looked at him and smiled like someone who’s… haunted.
- What do you want to know? – he asked. He seemed to be more scared than the other angels. His wings shaked with fear like her hands some time earlier.
They’re walking on the fragile line, but they didn’t know about it.
- What are you doing when you’re not around? – Bloo asked seriously.
- I look up at stars hoping you’re doing the same – he replied quietly, but with self-confidence. – Somehow I feel closer and I can hear you.
- Lovely. Do you remember all the chalk hearts melting on a playground wall?
- I remember.
- And do you remember the cherry blossom on the market square?
- I thought it was confetti in our hair – he rolled his eyes and sighed. – I know this song, Kayleigh. This is our song.
Suddenly all the people and sounds disappeared without any reason. When the lights went down, only in the middle were staying two haunted souls. Bloo felt down, but Carlos can’t let she hit the turf. When he tried to hold her in his arms, it began to rain.
- What a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day – she said with tears and irony. – Have you ever wondered when you were listening to the thunder that you are out of mind or just invisible?
- You’re not invisible to me – he cuddled up to her and covered her shaking arms by his wings. – I won’t let you fall.
- But I’m fallen! – she cried her heart out. – I’m not a human, I’m a devil, who’s in love with an angel!
- Devils can’t fall, just angels – Carlos explained. – If you think that you’re fallen, I betrayed the God. I shouldn’t be alive and not ought to have any wings.
Bloo was feeling the rain mixed up with her teardrops. He closed her eyes and tried to forget who she is. The last thing she heard was only one sentence somewhere deep inside her brain: I was enchanted to meet you.
Carlos was standing on the beach and looked at the ocean. With hand in pockets he seemed like a normal teenager with the olive complexion and with height like a skyscraper. The sun goes down, the wind blows slowly.
- This is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the story line ends.
He turned back and noticed that Bloo was standing close to him, in her black dress, high-heeled shoes and the biggest wings that have ever existed. But this wings weren’t similar to Carlos’s wings: because they were black. The black wings of the fallen angel.
- No me gusta pensar en el futuro, pero when you marry and you look around, I’ll be somewhere in that crowd – he tried to be happy, but that was too difficult to him. He was still looking at the clouds and waves. - Seriamente1.
Bloo smiled and breathed faster than usually.
- I still remember the look on your face lit through the darkness at 2:13 – she crossed her arms. – But I don’t know what should I do right now.
- I love the smell of the rain – he replied. – It helps me thinking. Just try.
Carlos raised his palm high. After two seconds both of them felt the pouring drops on their faces. Bloo closed her eyes and catched his hand.
- All I have it’s time – she felt the power of the ocean in her veins. – And I’ll waste it all on you.
- I’m going to talk to God. He can join you in our group.
- Would you like to give me a piece of heaven? – Bloo asked hopefully.
- He can help us – Carlos sounds like a professional. - If I ruled the world, I’d have the same colour of our wings. Black or white: nevermind. Just the same.
Carlos and Bloo were still standing with foots in water and looking at the ocean. They were waiting for the hardest test ever, but nevertheless they smiled. One day they gonna know who they are.
- I can’t be no superman, but for you I’ll be a superhuman – said Carlos, holding in arms the whole world. His world.

Hanka Kwaśniewska


1 (sp.) I don’t like talking about the future, but (…) really.

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